Chanting the Benedicamus Domino

Hi Everyone!

Back on September 10th, I had just finished a work-out and was passing by a racquetball court. It was very early in the morning and no one was using the room. It has some beautiful acoustics and so I decided to record myself chanting Benedicamus Domino.

The piece is not very long, not even a minute, but I posted it today on my YouTube channel for anyone interested.


Responding to Taylor Marshall-8

Hello Everyone! This is the eighth, and final, installment of my video series responding to Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon’s podcast on Fatima and corruption in the Church.

The video offers my concluding thoughts to the series. The transcript is below.

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Responding to Taylor Marshall-5

Hello Everyone! Part V of my commentary to the Marshall/Gordon podcast is now available!

Here, I continue to comment upon the discussion between Marshall and Gordon on the third part of the secret of Fátima.

There is also a discussion on the controversial figure of Malachi Martin. Yes, I quoted from his book The Jesuits in my book On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima. Can you figure out why? First person to contact me with the correct answer will win a prize!

Transcript is below. Part VI to be released soon!

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