Responding to Taylor Marshall-6

Hello Everyone! By now, you know the drill: Part VI is available, transcript below, etc.

Part VI presents some simple thoughts on Gordon’s presentation of Quito and Ákita.

I shall release Part VII soon.


Hello everyone and welcome to this next installment of my response to Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon’s podcast on Fátima, private revelation, scandal and corruption in the Church. In the last video, we looked at some particular arguments raised in favor of the “fourth secret” of Fátima hypothesis. In the present video, we are looking at a ten-minute section of the Marshall/Gordon podcast that primarily expounds upon Quito and Ákita.

(39:53) In this next section, Gordon gives a nearly 10-minute presentation on Quito and Ákita. He does so with a view that they are connected with Fátima. He begins with Quito, and, for about four minutes, relays in English the prophecies of Our Lady to Madre Mariana about the 20th century. Concerning Quito, I happen to find the life of Madre Mariana to be quite inspiring. Her interior life was very rich and indicative of a woman highly favored and blessed by God.

The prophecies made to Madre Mariana are quite astounding. As Gordon presents them, one cannot help but be amazed at them. I encourage people to get the books that are available on Madre Mariana. They are available in Spanish from the Fundación Jesus de la Misericórdia organization in Florida as well as in English from Tradition in Action.

As to Gordon’s desire to connect Quito and Fátima, he is not wrong to do so. In a previous video, I stated that such activity, theologically speaking, is very tricky to perform. It requires skilled hands, lest a sense of sensationalism take root within a soul, causing it to go “off the rails” in one way or another, caught up in a sense of euphoria or irrationality.

Insofar as Gordon here, for the most part, is just reading the prophecies and makes general allusions to 20th century history, he is either right or wrong. It is not my intention to judge Gordon’s application of Quito to 20th century history but I do find the prophecies themselves to be quite accurate.

Of course, there is an underlying connection being made by Gordon between Quito and Fátima as we have seen previously. He may not spell it out plainly in his four-minute presentation, but it is the “unspoken pink elephant” in the room. We must be aware of it. Insofar, however, as Gordon does not here make specific connections, I offer no further comment.

(43:53) After Quito, Gordon discusses Ákita at Marshall’s request. He does so for the same reason that he elaborated upon Quito. We have already discussed Ákita in a previous video, so there is no need to go into depth here about the case itself. The question of the messages is still open for the local Bishop to judge and so I leave that matter to the competent authority.

Gordon makes a connection between Ákita and Fátima in a reference about dates. He says that Ákita happened in 1973, thirteen years after 1960—the year of the non-disclosure of the third part of the secret of Fátima. [show clip] I’m not sure why Gordon raises this point as he is not specific. I do know that the number thirteen has significance in Fátima history as Our Lady appeared on the 13th of each month from May-October in 1917. Thus, it seems to me that Gordon is trying to make a connection between Fátima and Ákita via this number to show harmony between them.

It is also possible to interpret Gordon here as making an hypothesis. The hypothesis being that as the Church did not reveal, as was anticipated, the third part in 1960, Our Lady was ensuring that it was made known and chose Ákita as the vehicle through which to make it known. In this hypothesis, then, the number thirteen with the years 1960-1973 is symbolic of a heavenly confirmation of Ákita and Fátima being connected.

Owing to their coincidental and tangential nature, these interpretations, if accurate to Gordon’s thought, are not very convincing to me. Such connections are usually “low man on the totem pole” observations that follow more elevated arguments. Why? Because these things are easily faked by demonic activity. If, however, they follow more elevated facts and arguments that prove beyond a doubt the supernatural character of an alleged private revelation, then one is more assured of a supernatural origin for such coincidences.

Simply put: Gordon’s observation here about dates is a nice coincidence, but, in itself, is not proof-positive that there is a willed-by-God connection between Ákita and Fátima. I would also add that Our Lady never said to Sr. Lucia that it could be published in 1960. She used the Portuguese word aberto, “opened,” meaning the envelope could be opened in 1960. As far as I know from any checks in the Portuguese language that I have performed, there is no connecting, or connotation/denotation of “publishing” with the word aberto. So, again, there’s this 13-years connection, it’s completely coincidental.

Let us end this segment on that note. In the next video, Marshall will begin to tie together Gordon’s presentation thus far in order to be clear about the picture being painted. They shall discuss further that picture and we shall pick up from there. Thank you for joining me in this review and we’ll see you next video.