Responding to Taylor Marshall-8

Hello Everyone! This is the eighth, and final, installment of my video series responding to Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon’s podcast on Fatima and corruption in the Church.

The video offers my concluding thoughts to the series. The transcript is below.


Hello and welcome to this final installment of my video commentary to the Marshall/Gordon podcast on Fátima and corruption in the Church. I shall here wrap-up my thoughts for everyone.

Listening to the podcast, it is clear to me that Marshall and Gordon are clearly good men and good Catholics who love the Church. They are sickened and appalled by recent news and developments within the Church. They want to talk it out and try to make sense of things. I get that. We are all doing what we can to make sense of the present crisis—and that is exactly what it is, make no mistake—that is swirling all around us.

I believe Fátima is the answer to this crisis. We need, though, to have a correct understanding of Fátima. Unfortunately, this particular podcast failed to present us with one. It was riddled with mischaracterizations, factual errors, unsubstantiated claims, etc. that offered a very distorted image. To be sure, there were some good points such as the discussion on allegory and symbolism that were rather edifying.

The podcast clearly showed that there is the truth behind Fátima and then there are falsehoods that have cropped up around it. One needs to know theology and history to tell the difference. To help know the authentic story of Fátima, I encourage viewers to get a copy of the Carmelites of Coimbra’s 2013 biography of Sr. Lúcia entitled A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary. I also encourage people to read Lúcia for herself. There are several published writings from her such as her Memoirs (I-IV, V-VI), Calls from the Message of Fatima, and How I See the Message.

In the light of all the known facts and history of Fátima, the status quaestionis is not whether there was more to the third part of the secret. That debate has now been definitively put to rest with the publication of the Carmelites’ biography. There was an interpretation of the third part of the secret that had been given to Sr. Lúcia at some point in time, but Our Lady commanded Sr. Lúcia not to reveal it. The real task before us, then, is how do we understand the third part of the secret? This is interpretive work that needs to be done.

I am unabashed in my opinion that Holy Mother Church has given us some good overall guidelines in The Message of Fatima booklet. Read in the light of her theological tradition, there is an entire wealth of work yet to be done to help understand more deeply this text. Moreover, in willing for us not to know explicitly the meaning of the third part as given to Sr. Lúcia, I think God has given us a challenge. That challenge is to make us dive into the tradition and encounter Him. I also believe that Sr. Lúcia has given us some important clues that help us along the way.[1]

I sincerely hope that Marshall and Gordon are game for helping. I gladly welcome them to the task. They are good men and we need them for the task. Marshall and Gordon, will you help us?

Our Lady of Fátima, pray for us!

[1] Such as her May 12, 1982 letter that is found in The Message of Fatima booklet