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Dear Friends,

Between 2015 and 2016, I had written about an alleged seer named Charlie Johnston. Based in Colorado (Archdiocese of Denver), Charlie had made some pretty spectacular prophesies that, ultimately, fell flat on their face. His Archdiocese issued a couple different warnings about him.

Since the failed prophecies, Charlie has attempted to remain in the limelight. Originally, he claimed that he was going to retire in July, 2018. He kept, however, a little “insurance policy” for himself: he would continue past this date if he felt that the larger cultural and political situation warranted it. Charlie remains quite active today.

Additionally, Charlie had kept his old web site, The Next Right Step, up and running for a little while. Then, in 2018, this site was removed and Charlie established a new one entitled A Sign of Hope as its successor.

It was a pity that the public lost the old TNRS web site because Charlie made a number of statements that were helpful in assessing his claims. I documented some of these statements in articles that I published in 2017 (see above). The site’s removal meant that any new people who come across Charlie in his present instantiation would lose a good opportunity to assess what he now says.

Charlie now claims that he horribly misunderstood what he was told before in his alleged revelations prior to 2017. Moreover, he claims to have received new “instructions” that allegedly showed him just how wrong he was. Against this background, Charlie continues to talk wherever he is invited and writes for A Sign of Hope. The question of whether or not what he now says is influenced by these alleged new “instructions” goes unaddressed.

A new characterization from Charlie that appears to contradict one of the old ones compels me to speak out yet again on this particular case.

In a new post, Charlie has decided to say a few words about Pope Francis. I find Charlie’s observations about Pope Francis’ pontificate to be very inconsistent.

On the old TNRS web site, I recall that Charlie hailed Pope Francis as “The Pope of the Storm.” In other words, it was going to be Pope Francis who was going to lead us through a terrible period of the Church and the world that Charlie referred to as “The Storm.” Charlie had, at the time, made the claim about the Pope sound very rosy.

Now, however, with the accusations of corruption* being made against the Holy Father, Charlie seems to be changing his tune a bit.

It is truly a pity that people were robbed of the opportunity to make proper comparisons and judge for themselves whether or not Charlie is authentic. The paper trail may be lacking to the public, but there are those of us who still remember.

* Nota Bene: I am making no statement upon the merits of these accusations. My focus here is to point out the inconsistency of Charlie’s present statements with his past ones.

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