Responses to Viganò Videos

Hi Everyone!

I have received some rather interesting responses to my videos about Viganò. The one, however, that surprises me the most is from Michael Brown of Spirit Daily wherein I am referred to as a “scholar” who is defending Benedict XVI:

Meanwhile, I have also received the following responses via the contact page of my web site:

“i could not listen more than six minutes of your criticism of Vigano`about the third secret of Fatima. Keep in mind that Antonio Socci is only the latest arrival who said that the third secret has never been reviled. Father GRUNER spent his life in making this known, and you have the audacity of spreading more false information? Please find yourself another job.
Take care Joseph B[.]”

There was also this short and curt message from someone identifying himself as “geesebusters:”

your a fraud

I do not normally enact my Welborn Protocol, but do so here in order to remind people of what that protocol means. That Protocol is in effect so as to reinforce charity.

If you send a message to me, then think before sending the message. If you disagree with me on something, fine, but think through the message first before firing off in anger.

Lastly, part of that Protocol means that if you do send messages to me that are rude or illogical like these latter two messages, then you set yourself up for being made the example of. This is not about revenge, it is a corrective. Perhaps you’ll think first before sending such uncharitable messages to me or others in the future.