Bella Dodd Shorts

In addition to making some Fátima shorts, I am also making some ones about Bella Dodd. I am basing the videos upon my research into Bella Dodd. Before watching the shorts, I encourage readers to take a look at my essay on Bella Dodd and the infiltration of Catholic seminaries.

Bella Dodd Short-1

In this first short, I am pointing out that there are many claims about Bella Dodd, but the sources or citations are a bit lacking.

The one claim that is being made here pertains to her allegedly giving testimony to the U.S. Congress about the Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church. There are people who honestly believe that she did this. According to the public documents, no such testimony can be found, and that is the point driving this particular short.

Bella Dodd Short-2

In this second short, I am going into the newly-discovered quote from Bella Dodd “I never met a Communist who was a member of the Catholic clergy.”

This statement appears to fly in the face of the long and dearly-held belief that Dodd knew four cardinals at the Vatican who were working for Communism. The statement need not be contradictory, however, as I explained in my essay and video.

The purpose of the short, then, is to pose the question to get people to start thinking about the subject.

Bella Dodd Short-3

This third short addresses a false citation found in Taylor Marshall’s book Infiltration.

On page 85, footnote #46 (1st edition, 1st print), Marshall provides a faulty citation to an article in The New York Times (seen in the video). The video shows why this is a faulty citation.

I’ll update this page as more videos become available!