Fr. James Altman Short Video

A few months ago, Michael Lofton and I discussed Fr. James Altman.

I have created a video short that lightly touches upon a notable concern that I have with Fr. Altman. I think that he says things at times without really thinking them through.

Back in June of 2021, Fr. Altman described Robert Cardinal Sarah as a “modernist.” Altman disagreed with a change in the English translation of the Mass collects from “one God” to “God” that, ultimately, originated from Sarah. Altman likely didn’t realize that he had accused Sarah of being a modernist. Moreover, Altman was simply wrong in his characterization of the matter. The Latin text of the collects is Deus (God) and not unus Deus (one God).

These facts drive home the point of the skit: sometimes, Fr. Altman just goes over the top.

Oh, and before anyone asks, Lofton and I also made a program about the present malaise in the Church. Among the topics for discussion was Fr. James Martin.