St. Michael Video Shorts

Hi Everyone!

Michael Lofton published a short video of me on a point about the vision of Pope Leo XIII.

St. Michael/Pope Leo Video Short-1

People continue placing their hope in 100 years of the devil’s extended power being broken soon. In this video, I poke at the fact by noting that there is no proof that a conversation between Jesus and the devil ever took place in Leo’s vision.

St. Michael/Pope Leo Video Short-2

In this second short, I discuss the matter of when Leo’s vision took place and a popular legend that says it was 33 years to the day of the miracle of the sun at Fátima.

This claim, as best as I can trace it, seems to go back to Msgr. Arthur Durand in an article for The Remnant back in 1984. You can see the image in the video. Durand, however, cites no authority for his claim, but many people still believe and pass around the date of October 13, 1884.

Was this the date? This question drives the short.

St. Michael/Pope Leo Video Short-3

In this third short, I go into an older claim that the longer prayer of exorcism from May of 1890 was edited after Leo’s death.

This claim was debunked by Fr. Anthony Cekada many years ago. I incorporated his research into chapter 7 my book Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael. Cekada has since gone to God, but his groundbreaking research in this area lives on. I leave it to the reader to read Cekada’s description for further information.

More videos to come!