Refractions of Light:
201 Answers on Apparitions, Visions and the Catholic Church (2015)

Final-Cover-JPEGRefractions of Light discusses the theology and discernment of the Catholic Church on private revelation. Using Q&A format, appendices and copious references, a broad spectrum of history is presented with an emphasis on contemporary developments in private revelation. Refractions of Light provides necessary tools for people to use when they want to know how to act in accordance with the mind of the Church in matters of private revelation.

Refractions of Light ispublished by En Route Books and Media and available on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats. Cost: $12.99 (print).

Pope Leo XIII
and the Prayer to St. Michael (2015/2018)

STM_CoverThere is a famous story which claims that Pope Leo XIII (r. 1878-1903) received a vision of an attack being made or planned by the devil against the Catholic Church. The facts about this vision, however, have been unclear for nearly 100 years as there are different versions of what occurred as well as the contents of the vision. What is fact and what is fiction about this extraordinary event in papal history? Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael offers a historical investigation that arrives at the facts, and distinguishes between rumor or hearsay on the authentic history of the event. Also provided is a discussion of the vision’s meaning for our time in the light of the teaching of the Church, and in particular of the contemporary Popes.

Foreward by H.E. Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael ispublished by Preserving Christian Publications and available on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats. Publisher cost: $18 (print). Now in second enlarged edition!!

On the Third Part
of the Secret of Fátima (2017)

For several decades, there has been much discussion on the famous third part of the secret of Fátima. Originally communicated to the three seers of Fátima in July, 1917, it was not written down until January, 1944. It was then kept under lock and key first in Portugal, then in the Vatican until its eventual release in June, 2000. The long years of its remaining unpublished was accompanied by a desire by various Church officials not to discuss the matter. These two facts and others led to much speculation on the content of the third part of the secret as well as to accusations of a cover-up on the part of the Church hierarchy.

The seemingly endless speculations and accusations have been more prominent since the release of the text in the year 2000. To date, there has been no comprehensive refutation of specific arguments in response to the speculations and accusations.

That fact has now changed. Kevin J. Symonds of Menominee, Michigan has performed some groundbreaking research on the matter in his latest book On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima.

Utilizing material in six foreign languages, including information from the archives of the Sanctuary of Fátima itself, Kevin weighs many of the arguments in support of conspiracy theories on the third part of the secret. He takes the arguments head-on, explores the sources and critiques the conspiracies. Symonds’ findings produce some truly astonishing results that are sure to cause many to re-think their understanding of the message of Our Lady of Fátima.

On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima is not an introductory book, but will be an excellent source for people already familiar with the topic.

On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima ispublished by En Route Books and Mediaand available on Amazon. Publisher cost: $35 (print).

All of Kevin Symonds’ books are in accordance with canons 822-824 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law,having been granted the imprimatur and nihil obstat by the competent ecclesiastical authorities.


Over the course of his writing career, Kevin Symonds has been featured in various publications, both digital and print. The following is a list of various publications in which one can find articles (or interviews) written by/with Kevin.

Digital Media:

  1. Catholic Exchange (2005, 2008-2009)

  2. The Malta Independent Online (2008)

  3. Catholic Lane (2011-2013)

  4. Theotokos (2013)

  5. World Apostolate of Fatima, USA Inc. (2015)

  6. Ave Maria Radio (2015)

  7. Catholic Stand (2015-2016)

  8. Frontiere (2017)


  1. Lumen Vincens (April, 2005)

  2. The Troubadour (2004, 2006)

  3. The Latin Mass Magazine (2013, 2015)

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N.B. In October, 2010, Kevin published a private translation of Normae S. Congregationis–the Vatican’s 1978 Norms for discerning alleged private revelations. This translation was the product of a team of three people, of which Kevin was a member. They followed the lead of others who published the document in translation (but not the Latin original), one of whom had tacit approval from the Holy See to do so.

Unbeknownst to Kevin and the team, the Holy See had intentions to release the document and did so around May 23, 2012, in English translation and the Latin original. Some confusion has arisen as to whether or not the private translation was related to the Vatican’s translation. There is no relationship between the two and we apologize for any confusion on this matter.

For more information about Normae S. Congregationis, see Kevin’s two part article here and here.