Cameo Appearance

I was notified that a picture of me was placed in my Diocesan newspaper, the U.P. Catholic.

I made it up to Marquette for the Diocesan Fatima celebration. Someone snapped a photo of me whilest venerating the relics of Sts. Francisco and Jacinto Marto. I thought the photographer was taking pictures of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima….

In your charity, please pray for Dustin who is mentioned on page three. He is being ordained to the Diaconate in a week.

Web Site Update

Hello Everyone!

Though I strive to be accurate in my writings, mistakes do happen. In order to clarify any confusion, I am adding an option on the right of this web site for an Errata widget. This widget will contain a link to a PDF file for the Errata.

Click here to see the Errata PDF: