The following is a list of interviews with Kevin Symonds:

  1. The Third Part of the Fatima Secret
    Interview with Dr. Michela Ferri
    May, 2017

  2. A New Book on Catholic Private Revelations
    Interview with Matt C. Abbott of Renew America
    August, 2015

  3. Kresta in the Afternoon” of Ave Maria Radio
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    June, 2015; October, 2016; June, 2017 (with Dr. Paul Kengor);

  4. “The Miracle Hunter” of Relevant Radio
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    May, 2016, October, 2016; May, 2017.

  5. The Miracle Hunter Live” of the Radio Maria Network
    Alexandria, Louisiana
    December, 2013; June, 2015; October, 2015

  6. The Morning Show” of the Covenant Network
    St. Louis, Missouri
    August, 2009

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