Fátima Book Update-2

Hi Everyone! Ten or so days later and I have a new Fátima book update for you!

I have been busy editing and re-ordering some chapters. I also decided to gut the introduction and begin it anew. One of the worst parts now awaits me, writing the bibliography. There were six pages just from chapter one alone!

I also tweaked some of the appendix items (yes, there will be an appendix). Unless something substantial comes my way, I think I have about finalized what those items will be. One of them, to the best of my knowledge, has never before been rendered into English. It ought to be a good eye-opener.

More as it develops, so stay tuned!


Fatima Book Update-1

Hi Everyone!

Now that it is public knowledge that I am writing my next book, I am able to share updates periodically with you. It was difficult keeping the lid on this thing, so I am glad to be able to share information and updates.

Believe it or not, something unexpected happened. While reading a text, I noticed a discrepancy. Once I pulled on that thread, a bunch of things came tumbling out. As a result, a new chapter was born. What is the subject? Well, that must remain unspoken at this time but I will say that it pertains to one of the most dearly-held components in the history of the conspiracies surrounding the third part of the secret.


Fr. Jaki’s book.

In other news, two new books have come in. From my recent interview with Michael O’Neill, I decided it was time to pick up Fr. Jaki’s book on the Miracle of the Sun.


Acta of PAMI wherein is found Ottaviani’s 1967 Allocution

Now that I also know that the Italian text of Cardinal Ottaviani’s 1967 Allocution exists, I picked up a copy of the fourth volume of PAMI’s Acta for under $10. At that price, I just could not refuse it!

While perusing the Acta book I noticed something about another address that was delivered by another participant. It explained a heretofore forgotten/unknown remark (at least in English) from Ottaviani during his Allocution. I will have to do some updating soon.

Lots going on folks and I am happy to share what I can. In the meantime, stay tuned! There is much more coming down the pipeline! Please pray for me.

My interview with Al Kresta has been archived! Click here to listen in!

Announcement of New Book Project

Dear Readers,

I am happy to announce my next book project tentatively entitled: On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima.

For more information, please visit the following sites:

KJS Web Site Official Page

Facebook Page

Interview with Michael O’Neill (transcript here)

See also the updated post about my recent presentation in Fátima.
(In the published version, I had omitted the announcement made to my colleagues. It is herein restored)

More to come on this important project as it develops, so stay tuned!

Angry Birds and Private Revelation

One of the features of international travel on an airplane is watching movies. Those long hours of airtime seem to fly by rather quickly with a good movie or two. On the way back to the States from Fátima, I was able to watch Angry Birds. As I watched, a theme it contained jumped out at me, namely deception in private revelation and how we respond to it.

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Interview with Michael O’Neill

The following is a transcript of my interview with Michael O’Neill “The Miracle Hunter” of Relevant Radio.
It was recorded on October 13, 2016 and broadcast on October 16, 2016.

October 13th is one of those days that, just like May 13th, is one of the days that’s associated with Our Lady of Fátima. Of course, October 13th is the anniversary of the great Miracle of the Sun, the Fátima Sun Miracle. We’ve got someone today who is an expert in private revelation and he’s written a book, Refractions of Light, author Kevin Symonds. Welcome to the program today Kevin.

Hello Mr. O’Neill. Good to be with you today.

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