A Reply to Mark Mallett

Canadian bishops Robert Bourgon and Gilles Lemay have “disavowed” the alleged prophecies of Fr. Michel Rodrigue and denied his claim of being an official exorcist. Facing that, the logical course of action for his promoters would be to accept that the priest misrepresented himself, and that his claim to be an “apostle of the last days” is on shaky ground.

But that’s not what you do if you’re musician Mark Mallett, writing on the website Countdown to the Kingdom. In a recent essay, Mallett blandly dismisses the two statements, without naming either of the two bishops – after all, who wants the followers to go and read them directly?

Yes, there are controversies; yes, there are bishops who disavow the prophecies published here; yes, clergy and seers and visionaries are all human and thus prone to mistakes and misunderstandings.

Quite so. It’s a common mistake for priests to claim the status of an official exorcist; happens all the time. Well, maybe not. And it doesn’t matter that the two bishops run the two relevant dioceses: the one where Rodrigue worked, and the one where he officially belongs. Pay no attention to that, of course.

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The Miraculous Medal: Examining an Objection

For the past several years, a rumor has circulated on the Internet about “false” versions of the Miraculous Medal going around. Supposedly, the Freemasons have struck their own version of the medal. This claim has upset a lot of people who are concerned about having authentic medals.

St. Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE) of Warren, Michigan has received numerous inquiries about the claim of “false” miraculous medals. As sellers of the Miraculous Medal, this matter was concerning to the organization. I was asked if I would perform an objective examination of the facts on behalf of the organization. I have done so and present my findings below. Click here for the document in PDF format.

-Kevin J. Symonds
September 14, 2020 A.D.
In Festo Exaltationis S. Crucis

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A Reply to Mark Mallett’s Myopic Response

A friend was kind to send to me a recent post entitled “The Greatest Sign of the Times” from Mark Mallett’s personal web site. In this response, Mallett makes a tongue-in-cheek remark about the recent criticism of Fr. Michel Rodrigue:

When I returned to my desk this week, I was faced with numerous controversies and attacks on this ministry and Countdown to the Kingdom and the seers there. It seems, in part, that some bishops and laity feel that any prophecies that speak of purification, chastisement or divine correction are false, simply because they are fearful. If so, then we ought to disavow Jesus Christ for the “doom and gloom” of Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, the Book of Revelation, and so on.

He then goes on to lament a lack of catechesis about prophecy.

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