Fátima Book Update-4

Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce in this update the name of the publisher of On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima. After talking with some potential publishers who expressed interest in the project, I have decided to sign a contract with En Route Books and Media. This publishing house is the same one with whom Refractions of Light is published. I would like to thank the other publishers who expressed interest in the manuscript.

Concerning the book itself, I am wrapping up the editing–and earlier than expected! I am still keeping the deadline just in case something new arises. Finishing it earlier, however, allows me to get a couple of other things done as well. Right now I am editing chapter 9, which is one of the more serious chapters of the entire book. In fact, I fully anticipate it to be very controversial.

Another item was added to the appendices (yes, there will be some of these) the other day. No one, to my knowledge, has even considered this particular document in the larger history. It may well be the first time someone approaches the matter from this angle.

All in all, things are moving along very well and I am quite pleased with how things are looking with the manuscript. Hopefully there will be more for an update around the first of the year!

-Kevin Symonds

Fátima Interview

Hello Everyone! Another day is passing by, but before it goes I want to tell you some exciting news!

When I was in Fátima in September, I was interviewed by Goya Productions (Spain) for the purposes of a documentary on Fátima. I learned today that a trailer has been released and a web site established.

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Manuscript Comment

A priest is reviewing the manuscript for On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima. Upon looking at it, he made the following declarations to me over the phone:

You’ve thrown everything in but the kitchen sink! I truly thought that you would not have been able to write this much. You’ve proven me wrong. Fifteen years ago, writing this kind of book would not have been possible; there was simply not enough [material] to do so. This [manuscript] has the feel of a dissertation. Pity you can’t use it as such.”
You can say that again, Padre!
Oh, and look what came in the mail the other day:
20161128_181822aDraft Review #2!