Kevin’s Travel Blog-8: Cincinnati

Hello Everyone!

My time in Cincinnati is drawing to a close. I leave tomorrow for Tennessee. There I will visit with the family of my friend Paul Coakley about whom I have written here, here, and here. I will have the opportunity to visit Paul’s grave while there, and, to be honest, I am not too sure how it will go. The visit will be the first time I’ve been to Tennessee since Paul’s funeral in January, 2015 and how well I will emotionally handle the visit is unknown. I do look forward to visiting with his wife and children. I have presents for the kiddos!

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Kevin’s Travel Blog-7: Catching Up

Hello Everyone! It has been a week since my last update and I apologize for the delay in posting. Events have moved quickly and I simply could not find the time to devote to writing the latest on my journeys.

Since my last post I finished my time in St. Louis and then travelled up to Wisconsin. From there I went to Libertyville/Marytown, Illinois then to the South Bend, Indiana area. Today I arrived in Cincinnati where I am staying with friends until early next week.

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Kevin’s Travel Blog-6: St. Louis-3

Hi! Today has been a funny day. I was up a little earlier and went about my morning business. I came across an article with a rather long quote from Pope Benedict XVI when he was Fr. Ratzinger. This quote is on the future of the Church and it makes its rounds in the Catholic blogosphere every so often. The last time it did, I obtained a copy of the book wherein the quote can be found entitled Faith and the Future. Ratzinger’s observation is something upon which one should reflect. Just make sure you read it in context! Perhaps I shall share in a later writing one observation that I made from this reading.

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Kevin’s Travel Blog-5: St. Louis-2

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well!

Today I was able to get over to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary after an unexpected stop. Living in Waco, I lack the resources of a good Catholic theological library close by (Baylor University is in the Baptist tradition). While at the seminary I was able to see Rose Lawson, who, for those more familiar with my writings, helped me with the research for my Refractions of Light and Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael books.

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Kevin’s Travel Blog-4: St. Louis

Hello Everyone & Happy Sunday!

I finished my trip in Arkansas on June 10th. My friends and I had a great conversation until about midnight. The conversation was on matters relating to faith, morals and some issues within contemporary American society. It was rather intellectually stimulating, for me at least, and I hope it was for the others. Earlier in the day I was able to visit my old college friend. He was getting ready to leave his work in order to tend to some family business. We found a little time and I am grateful for our visit.

My sincere thanks to my friend “RD” and his roommate “GJ” for hosting me. If I am able to get back up that way, I would like to do so again.

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Kevin’s Travel Blog-3: Arkansas-2

Good morning! Another day and another blog post! Lots to cover today and so I will try to be succinct.

I did not make it to see my friend yesterday and ended up staying put for the day getting work done. That article from Yves Chiron was brought to my attention and it needed to be translated quickly for an English-speaking audience. I had the time and the wherewithal to get a rough translation up and did so post haste. Those with better French skills than I are free to E-mail me with corrections and I will graciously and gratefully accept them. To the person who notified me about Chiron’s article, you have my sincere thanks.

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Yves Chiron and Fátima

Well, I certainly did not see this one coming. Yves Chiron, a noted French scholar, has weighed in on the recent talks with Fátima, Dollinger and Ratzinger. He published an article in his periodical Aletheia in which he takes to task Dr. Hickson’s article.

The article is in French, but I have completed a rough English translation. I include it below for your perusal, having taken the liberty to add some links to Chiron’s sources, a couple of notes and placing some accent marks. The text is taken from a transcription available on the TradiNews web site.

Make sure to visit my articles  (here and here) and my interview (here) on this matter as well!


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