Fátima Interview: WCAT Radio

Bob Olson:
Welcome to I Thought You’d Like to Know This Too, which is the Friday edition of I Thought You’d Like to Know This, and its interviews with very interesting people who have a message for you. We have with us tonight, Kevin Symonds. Welcome Kevin!

Kevin Symonds:
Hi! It’s good to be with you this evening.

Bob Olson:
We talked and interviewed Kevin a while back on two books that he has written Refractions of Light which are revelations, private revelations, and also the book Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael. Joining us tonight too is Al Bilowski who is the host of our program on Wednesday nights which is called Catholic Mysticism. So, let’s get right into it, Kevin. We’re going to talk about Fátima and what happened at Fátima, so let’s go!

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Web Site Update

Hi Everyone!

The web site was updated a little bit today. I reformatted some text, updated my profile picture and combined two pages (Books & Writings).

Also, I have seen the draft of the Fátima book cover. It looks very nice!