Pope Francis Requests the Rosary and the St. Michael Prayer

Pope Francis has requested that the faithful recite the Rosary and the Prayer to St. Michael during the month of October (Italian, English).

His Holiness can rest assured that these prayers will continue to be said by me and I encourage others to do the same.

Did anyone else catch a little gem in the notification from the Holy See’s press office? It confirmed that the prayer to St. Michael was indeed composed by Leo XIII. I am not entirely too sure if the Vatican has ever acknowledged this fact in a public setting. If it had, great, if not, then we now have it.

In the meantime, the second edition of Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael is now available. Be sure to pick up a copy!


St. Michael Book Official Publisher Announcement

Hello Everyone! I am busy with my new duties and responsibilities and have not been posting much lately. That said, I wanted to let you know that Preserving Christian Publications has released its official notice about the 2nd edition of my book Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael. You can check it out here.

In the meantime, here is the excerpt:

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Matt Gaspers Responds

Hello Everyone! Well, little did I think I’d have to write two articles of a similar theme in less than 24 hours but it looks like I am!

Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News has responded to my July article Gaspers’ Interpretation of Fatima. He has done so in an article for CFN that was published on September 3. Gaspers was kind to notify me via Facebook of the article and I thank him for this gesture. We have subsequently spoken briefly also via Facebook.

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Response to Dr. Peter Chojnowski

Hello Everyone! I am back from my five days away on retreat. It was a great time and thank you very much for your prayers!

While I was away, Dr. Peter Chojnowski wrote a blog post* on September 1 in which he discussed my article Doctored Photo with Sr. Lucia? I wrote about Chojnowski last year.

For those who need to be caught up to speed:

Dr. Chojnowski is developing some new material for an old conspiracy theory on Fatima. This theory alleges that there was an “impostor” Sr. Lucia. The notion arose some years ago and was championed by Dr. Marian Horvat and Atila Guimaraes. The theory never really went anywhere and even Fr. Nicholas Gruner and Christopher Ferrara rejected it.

Owing, however, to what I shall call a “challenge,” the “impostor hypothesis” has received new life in recent days.

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