Thanksgiving Travels

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday weekend (for those in the United States)! This post is a little update about my own life and travels.

I am in Minnesota for the holiday, a little over 5 hours from my home. I am spending the break with some good people outside of the Twin Cities. I left work on Tuesday and braved the oncoming snow storm, arriving at my destination around 8:30 p.m. with a 15 to 20-minute delay. The weather and a bad car wreck was the cause of the delay. It made me appreciate more so that I have been driving for so long in the South that it is important for me to get used to driving again in the North. Thankfully, I got new tires back in September that are made for this sort of weather.

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Fátima Book Update-3

Hi Everyone! I hope that you are doing well and preparing for the upcoming holiday!

I am happy to report that work has been completed on the second major draft of the manuscript. It is with great joy that I can relay that the end is in sight. One or two research items are still out. Once that is all wrapped up and incorporated, I can begin the process of final editing.

I am truly excited with this news. The work has been tremendously taxing, worth it of course, but very taxing. I have worked in different ways with six foreign languages for this research. My brain is tired.

Cardinal Bertone Interview

The Sanctuary of Fátima publishes a journal entitled Fatima XXI. It is a very nicely arranged journal with many interesting articles.

For my research on the third part of the secret, I found an interview between the Portuguese journalist Aura Miguel and Cardinal Bertone entitled Fátima: A Message for the Church, a Call to Community and to Humanity. I thought it was a very interesting article. While lengthy, I have excised the parts wherein Aura Miguel and Bertone spoke on the topic of the third part of the secret.

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Fátima & Conflicting Dates

One of the stronger secondary arguments for the existence of a second text of the third part of the secret of Fátima concerns a conflict of dates. Cardinal Bertone and Joaquín Navarro-Valls gave two different dates in relation to when Pope St. John Paul II first read the text of the third part of the secret. Based upon this conflict, an argument has been made for the existence of a second text. I shall discuss this matter, in brevis, first by providing a general explanation, followed by a brisk examination of the facts with some questions and a general conclusion.

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A Reflection on the Contemporary Situation

Hi Everyone!

Early last year I wrote an article entitled A Reflection on the Contemporary Situation. It was later published with the Latin Mass Magazine (Christmas, 2015 edition). I would like to offer here this article for people to consider. It was the fruit of a number of thoughts that I was having for several years. I finally came to organize my thoughts on paper and this article was the result.

I have not gone through the entire article and compared it with the printed version in LMM. If there are any variations, they should be minor, though I did amend the first two citations after noticing an error that I did not catch before in the editing process. I also changed some of the web site references to make them more suitable for an online format.


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