Fr. Dollinger RIP

I learned two days ago that Fr. Dollinger has died. Requiem aeternam, dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis!

Regretfully, his passing leaves us with open questions about the story that he and Ratzinger had two conversations about the third part of the secret of Fátima.

Last year, I was told that a document with an account of his story was to be sent to him for his signature. No word has yet come to me as to whether or not this has happened.

Journey’s End

I am at the airport getting ready to return home. Thank you all for your prayers and support during this journey.  I hope that the updates were helpful to everyone. 

Now, I go to enjoy the rest of my summer vacation, working on some projects and getting involved with my parish. May it be a quiet, restful summer.

Until next post, benedicamus Domino!


Fátima Book: Chapter 12

I have just now (8:40 a.m., central) learned of an earlier text from Fr. Paul Kramer that discusses the Fr. Ingo Dollinger claim.

I shall accordingly update chapter 12 of On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima. I was unaware of this earlier text while writing my book and offer my sincerest apologies to readers. These discussions on Fátima are ongoing and so we learn (and update) as we go!