Response to Archbishop Viganò: Dies Irae Interview

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Back in April, Archbishop Viganò gave an interview with the Portuguese internet publication Dies Irae. During the interview, several statements were made about Fátima and the third part of the secret that were incorrect or at least questionable.

I have composed a formal essay that is due to be published later this summer. Upon this essay, I then composed a video that presents in visual terms why +Viganò’s interview with Dies Irae was questionable.

I make this video available to the public after attempts to contact Archbishop Viganò privately did not bear fruit. I wish to reiterate what I said a few weeks ago to Paul and Kris over at The Angry Catholic (38:10 – 41:20): I do not write with an animus towards the Archbishop. I write out of concern for him.

Below is the video. A transcript will be provided after the publication of the essay. The video was made differently than the essay. This was done in accordance with what is more suitable for a video vs. a written theological composition. Be sure to check out my other video on Viganò’s interview with Life Site News.


Viganò Video I

CNA Mention

I was notified yesterday that Catholic News Agency referenced my work on Fátima in an article written by J.D. Flynn. The article discusses the recent letter from Archbishop Viganò to President Trump. Here is the reference (with some preceding text for context):

Weeks before that letter, in April, Viganò gave an interview in which he declared that the Vatican has been for decades concealing the third secret of Fatima, despite the publication in 2000 of the third part of Mary’s message from the apparition at Fatima, by order of Pope St. John Paul II, and despite an accompanying theological commentary written by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI.

Speculation that Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI lied about releasing the message of Fatima is a common topic among Catholic sedevacantists and other conspiracy theorists.

Kevin Symonds, author of a book on the third part of the Fatima messagewrote subsequently that Viganò’s “grasp of the details is not very precise,” and, under scrutiny, “quickly breaks down.”

“Archbishop Viganò’s remarks indicate a lack of knowledge on the history of the third part of the secret of Fátima. The archbishop faces a grave danger: uninformed statements undermining his credibility,” Symonds added.

Also, it appears as though the article that I wrote to Catholic Herald is no longer behind a paywall. I was not aware of this development and found out when I clicked the hyperlink that Mr. Flynn had referenced above. I’ll be going back and updating my previous post about this article.

A Response to Archbishop Viganò

Hi Everyone!

On April 21, the Portuguese publication Dies Irae published an interview with Archbishop Viganò. Part of this interview concerned Fátima and the third part of the secret.

Some of Viganò’s remarks were rather uninformed, and I was asked by Catholic Herald over in England to write an article that discusses the matter.

The article was just published today, but is behind a paywall for subscribers. Go check it out anyway!

[6-12-20 Update: It appears as though the article is no longer behind a paywall. Please click on the above link to read the full article]

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