A Response to Archbishop Viganò

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On April 21, the Portuguese publication Dies Irae published an interview with Archbishop Viganò. Part of this interview concerned Fátima and the third part of the secret.

Some of Viganò’s remarks were rather uninformed, and I was asked by Catholic Herald over in England to write an article that discusses the matter.

The article was just published today, but is behind a paywall for subscribers. Go check it out anyway!

[6-12-20 Update: It appears as though the article is no longer behind a paywall. Please click on the above link to read the full article]

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File Update: Marshall PDF

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I received word from a friend in Portugal that I had not translated the word  (only) in my PDF document (pg. 8 of the PDF) on Taylor Marshall’s Infiltration. True, I had not done so and so I have corrected it in the PDF file and re-uploaded it to the site. All links should be fixed as well, so there is no disruption.

By way of clarification: I was not intending to provide a precise translation at that moment, as indicated by the no quotation marks in the previous version of the PDF. I have, however, not only translated só but also made the statement into a proper quotation.

Pope Francis and a Fátima Monstrance

I noticed today on a Twitter feed a criticism of a monstrance used in Fátima by Pope Francis. The criticism contrasted the monstrance with another one given by the Irish.

Pope Francis (left) contrasted with the Irish monstrance (right).

I offer no comment about the aesthetics and eye appeal of either monstrance. I do, however, wish to make an observation.

From my time in Fátima, not just my study of the phenomenon, but my actual experiences in Fátima proper, I learned about the Irish monstrance. In short, I was told that it was very heavy contains pure gold and studded with numerous precious gems. In other words, very valuable. For more information about the monstrance, I recommend you visit these web sites:

  1. Ireland Sends Its Thanks to Fátima (YouTube video, 1949).
  2. Fatima Vessels en Route to America (National Catholic Register, 1999).
  3. Fatima Monstrance (Athgarvan Musings, 2018).

So we have weight and value to consider here. Let me add one more component: Pope Francis’ extraordinary Urbi et Orbi blessing on March 27, 2020.

Does anyone remember what happened after the imparting of the blessing? Pope Francis turned around and walked back to the altar inside of St. Peter’s. His walk was not healthy looking, and the monstrance was lilted. Here is the visual:

Clearly, Pope Francis was struggling. The man is over 80, has part of a lung removed and wears special orthopedic shoes. Does anyone really think he would have used the Irish monstrance?

Based upon everything considered here, I think it is a bit unfair to criticize Pope Francis for not using the Irish monstrance.