Important Update

Dear Friends,
This post is intended to provide an important update.

At this time, I have decided to slow down my researching and literary endeavors. The reason for this decision is simple: my efforts need to be redirected toward other goals and pursuits.

My web site will remain for those who may read one of my book and want to learn more about me. My books, of course, will also remain available. I am happy to say that Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael is in a second edition and received a favorable review by the censor librorum. The publisher hopes to make available very soon the second edition.

My work with Fátima is also going to slow down for a while. I have enjoyed immensely this work and I anticipate wrapping up some projects with it. One of those projects is a second edition of On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima. I hope to have some significant additions to the book, so stay tuned.

That is about it for now. Please feel free to contact me. Until next post!
-Kevin J. Symonds

Wayne Weible RIP

I have learned that Wayne Weible has gone to God.

Three years ago, he and I began a correspondence over Medjugorje after some articles that I wrote for Catholic Stand. We spoke via E-mail as well as the telephone. Wayne expressed interest in meeting with me and even invited me to a video program with him if I was ever able to make it to Georgia. When Rick Salbato died in February, 2016, I called Wayne to let him know. Wayne took to praying for him immediately.

May Wayne Weible rest in peace.

Releasing a Fátima Course Video

Hello Everyone! I have noticed that Spirit Daily has linked to my article about Pope John XXIII and the third part of the secret. I’d like to make sure everyone gets access to some important information, so I have created a widget with a link to my YouTube channel. It is on the right side bar of the web site.

In the meantime, I have also decided to release a supplemental video that I made for my Fátima course. The video goes into a little more detail about Sr. Lúcia, the date of 1960, and Cardinal Bertone. Enjoy!

Please also check out another video that I made that goes over how Sr. Lúcia wrote down the third part of the secret:

Fátima and Dr. Maike Hickson

Hi Everyone!
I noticed today that Dr. Maike Hickson has written yet another article pertaining to Fátima. She is claiming that unnamed sources of hers in the Vatican have “indirectly” told her that there is a second text.

Dr. Hickson’s continued support and promotion of the “fourth secret of Fátima” is causing grave injury to the unity of the Church.* Thus, a question for her consideration:

At what point in time did Our Lady rescind her command of January 3, 1944 to Sr. Lúcia not to reveal the meaning of the third part of the secret?

-Kevin J. Symonds

*I am here using the term “fourth secret of Fátima” to refer to an alleged second text that is said to remain covered-up by the Holy See.

Fátima Articles

Good morning readers! A storm blew through the area yesterday and so I have time this morning to take care of some business.

I would like to bring your attention to two articles that have appeared. Preserving Christian Publications (PCP) has issued its recent catalog (#183).* In it are two articles pertaining to Fátima and I am referenced in them.

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