Bella Dodd Essay: Update

Hi Everyone!

Homiletic & Pastoral Review has published my essay Rethinking Bella Dodd and Infiltration of the Catholic Priesthood. I would like to thank the good people over at HPR for this honor!

There were some changes made in accordance with some new information. Thus, the HPR edition is the most up-to-date version.

I am also thinking of updating some prior compositions as well, so stay tuned!


Updated Viganò Posts

Hi Everyone!

Last year, I had made a couple of videos in response to Archbishop Viganò’s remarks on Fátima in Dies Irae and Life Site News.

In light of the podcast between Michael Lofton and myself on September 1, I have updated those two posts and re-direct people to our podcast. Here are the links to my updated posts:

Post One (Viganò and Dies Irae)

Post Two (Viganò and Life Site News)

I also added the transcript from the original first video. One had already been provided for the second video.