Leaving for Fátima

The time has come and I leave for Fátima today! Please pray for me and all the members of the Mariological Society of America who are attending the Conference this year!

I will try to write blog posts to update you while in Fátima, though no promises are made to this effect. I will be quite busy, but will try to do what can be done.

In the meantime, the topic of my presentation is On the Third Secret of FátimaUnless we are not allowed to do so, I intend on recording the presentation. For now, I am including a snippet of it below.

-Kevin Symonds

On the Third Secret of Fátima
(An Excerpt)
Kevin J. Symonds, M.A.

Much mystery, suspense, intrigue and sensational speculation have surrounded the third part of the secret for several decades. Regretfully, these things have caused discussions on the overall secret to become mired in seemingly endless controversy, resulting in an utterly tragic and stinted understanding of Our Lady’s message. The heart of this message and its relationship to the third part of the secret has thus been distorted. In the light of the upcoming centenary of Fátima, it is right and just to begin addressing these speculations and distortions for the greater glory of God and the edification of His Holy Church and her members. To this end, the present paper endeavors, in brevis, to point out some observations. In order to do so, we must begin by pointing out the present status quaestionis of the discussions.