Sr. Lúcia on the 1984 Consecration

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One of the best aspects of researching and writing my upcoming book On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima was the restricted nature of the work. As my focus was strictly upon the third part of the secret, I left out questions over the 1984 consecration made by Pope St. John Paul II.

While I make no definitive statement on the matter of the consecration here or in my book, I did come across an interesting video about the consecration. The video shows Sr. Lúcia talking with a Cardinal who I believe to be Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, the retired Cardinal-Archbishop of Cebu, Philippines. Between them is Carlos Evaristo, who, given his position between them, appears to be serving as translator for the Cardinal.*

The video was produced for a documentary entitled Mistérios de Fátima, the clip being from disk 3 of the DVD set. Thankfully, the producer (Edições Valentim de Carvalho) included English subtitles.

In the clip being discussed, Sr. Lúcia discusses the 1984 consecration. The clip begins with her stating from the get-go, “The Holy Father has granted the consecration. It is done” (according to the subtitles). There is no context preceding this remark, which, I realize, may be grounds for people to criticize the video.

The clip is noteworthy because it has been decried in some places that we have no video of Sr. Lúcia speaking on this or that “controversial” matter of Fátima. Well, now we do have something about which we can discuss. [Edit (Jan. 12, 2017): The video cannot be posted without permission.]

Transcription of the English subtitles:

“The Holy Father has granted the consecration. It is done. He did it in such a way that we all would be able to recognize it. Because he fulfilled the conditions that were missing. Russia’s consecration had been practically done since Pius XII. Pius XII had done the consecration of the world, and in that consecration we can already notice that he had had the intention of consecrating Russia when he said ‘those peoples who most need this consecration.’** He*** said: ‘Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church, many will be martyrs, the peoples will be tormented, some nations will be destroyed. After all this, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me’. But she didn’t say how. ‘…will consecrate Russia to me, and Russia will be converted and there will be granted an era of peace.’ But this was Our Lady’s way to refer to the wars and persecutions and the mistakes that atheist communism was causing all throughout the world.”

A little further in the documentary, more footage of Sr. Lúcia was provided. In this footage, Sister spoke about the word “conversion” and what it means. I included this discussion after the above scene. The transcription is as follows (again from the provided English subtitles):

“The word ‘conversion’ shows a change. So a conversion is a change from evil to good. It doesn’t mean that all evil will disappear but there’s a conversion from evil to good. That’s what the word means.”

*I do not know if the Cardinal speaks Portuguese, but he was nodding his head as if understanding what Sr. Lúcia was saying. He may have been polite and was waiting for Evaristo to translate later. I am not sure exactly of the arrangement.

** Pius XII did not use these words in either his 1942 consecration of the world or his 1952 consecration. John Paul II did in 1984. Either the translation was incorrect or Sr. Lúcia confused which Pope said what.

*** I think the translation made a mistake. Pius XII did not issue these words, Our Lady did.