Interview with Special Envoy to Medjugorje

La Fede Quotidiana has the following interview in Italian with the Special Envoy to Medjugorje. The following English translation is my own and is to be considered a “working” translation.

“I do not know why he named me. I’m grateful. The assignment does not scare me. The spiritual fruits of Medjugorje are good.”
The Polish Archbishop Henryk Hoser says in this interview with La Fede Quotidiana.
He is the Archbishop of Warsaw-Prague, recently appointed special envoy of the Pope for the pastoral aspects in Medjugorje.

Excellency, did you expect this assignment?
“No, and I do not know why the Pope named me. Of course, I’m grateful, I will carry it out with the utmost of my commitment, it however, does not scare me.”

You are known to be a conservative bishop…
“I do not call myself that. Rather, I am a man of the Church who seeks to be true to the Word, doctrine, and Tradition, of course to all documents. If that means being conservative, I am conservative.

Poland, of which you are a son, nourishes towards Medjugorje generally positive feelings …
“In fact it is the case. The Catholics of this nation, which is deeply Marian, have a good idea of Medjugorje, along (questo) general lines. And there are many. Moreover, in Medjugorje 2 million pilgrims come each year and this means something. But I will no deal (occuperó) with the theological aspects and of the apparitions that are the subject of the Pontifical Commission. My concern (lit. “range of action”) is pastoral.”

The visionaries?
“For me, they are neither a problem nor the problem. I repeat, they are not part of my task.”

John Paul II, who you knew well, nourished good feelings towards Medjugorje …
“He was devoted to the Madonna in general, including that of Medjugorje. It is not a bad thing.”

Our Lady of Medjugorje is Queen of Peace, but also of the family that you as a bishop argues decisively ..
“True. It is very important to invoke Mary for the protection of the family consisting of a man and a woman united in sacramental marriage. In the center of the Medjugorje apparitions we find the Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, fasting, penance, good things without danger for the life and the strengthening of the faith that stimulate and encourage” (che vanno incentivate ed incoraggiate).

What are the fruits of Medjugorje?
“As I said, I will limit myself to the pastoral and not to the doctrine and thus not to the subject of [Medjugorje’s] truthfulness. As for the fruits on souls, they seem positive to me. By fruits, I mean the practicing of the sacraments, conversions, change in lifestyle, participation in Mass and this happens in Medjugorje, we cannot deny it and disregard it pastorally.”

You have recently been seriously ill. Is it true that you also prayed to Our Lady of Medjugorje?
“I contracted malaria in Africa. I prayed to the Madonna, I believe in Mary in all her manifestations.”

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