Vision of Fátima: Book

Happy Feast Day of St. Scholastica!!

Back in 2008 I read a book entitled Vision of Fatima by Fr. Thomas McGlynn, O.P.

Father was the sculptor who made the statue of Our Lady of Fátima that stands on the façade of the original Basilica in Fátima. I remember being quite impressed by his book Vision of Fatima, which records his experience of working with Sr. Lúcia to make the statue as well as his interpretation of Fátima.

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Fátima and Scholarly Studies

When I was in Fátima last year, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Marco Daniel Duarte who heads the Archives of the Sanctuary.

During a paper that he presented during the Congress, Dr. Duarte made reference to the criticisms of Fr. Edouard Dhanis, S.J. I do not recall the exact comment, but the impression that it left on me was that Duarte was critical of Dhanis.

A good article has appeared in Portuguese wherein Duarte continues that discussion. I offer it here for the consideration of interested readers. There is a lot about which one can question Dhanis. I am glad to see that the Sanctuary appears to be addressing his writings more directly. Below you shall find the beginning of the article.

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