4 Danger Signs of Cult-Like Behavior

A truly good piece from Fr. Dwight Longenecker on 4 Signs of cult-like behavior, complete with some remedies.

4 Danger Signs of Cult-Like Behavior, and 4 Antidotes

One of the creepiest things about religion is the tendency for those involved to drift into cult-like behaviors. When I say “cult-like behavior” I don’t simply mean a crazed, enclosed group who commit mass suicide, set up a 24/7 watch for aliens or who live on berries, granola and meditation.

Those are the wacky extremes. The underlying behaviors can manifest in every sort of religion. A subgroup develops and the members and leaders start behaving in a particularly recognizable way. They may not be extremists outwardly, but their group behavior is still cult-like.

How can you tell if a religious group is operating like a cult? It’s difficult because the people in a religious group can behave like a cult without them becoming a full-blown, identifiable religious cult.

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