Interesting Fátima Story

Every so often when I am reading there is a story that catches my attention. When I first read through the Carmelite Sisters’ biography A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary in 2015, there were a number of stories that jumped out at me.

I would like to present one of those stories in this post.

One afternoon, a gentleman appeared, who, identifying a Dorothean religious and recognizing by the accent that she was Portuguese, asked if it would be possible to see Lúcia to whom Our Lady appeared. She very naturally said it could be if the superiors allowed it. The man asks again if she was in Tuy. Lúcia answered with all truth:

– [Lúcia] Not now!
[Man] If I’d known they were leaving, I’d go there to see her.
– [Lúcia] Not worth it. She is a Sister like the others…
[Man] Not really, because she always saw Our Lady.
[Lúcia?] That’s true, but look how it is as it is…
[Man?] Then it’s over. If one cannot see her, one cannot see her. Patience!

After some time of pleasant conversation on other matters, they said goodbye, leaving Sister Lúcia very happy to have escaped being identified. In these circumstances, the Sisters who accompanied her did not intervene in the conversation, so that there would not be any slip and inadvertently discover what she wanted to hide. But sometimes they went through much trouble to remain serious. As soon as they were alone, the laughter exploded, difficult to contain, during the conversation.

Um caminho sob o olhar de Maria (1st Ed.)