Fátima Book Chapters

Hello Everyone!

I am providing the list of chapters for my Fátima book in order to whet your whistles a bit before book ordering becomes available.

Table of Contents

  1. Fátima and Its Secret: A History
  2. How Many Lines of Text?
  3. The 1967 Allocution of Cardinal Ottaviani
  4. The Mysterious Date of 1960
  5. Fuentes and Sister Lúcia
  6. Sister Lúcia and a “Terrifying” Secret?
  7. The 1960 Portuguese News Article
  8. The “Silencing” of Sister Lúcia
  9. Portugal and the Dogma of the Faith
  10. Ratzinger, Dhanis and Fátima
  11. Pope Benedict XVI and Fátima
  12. Dollinger and Fátima
  13. Various Considerations



Fátima Book Publication

It is with great joy to announce that the interior work on my Fátima book is now complete with 580 pages. The cover design shall be approved today and fulfillment of orders begins in about 3 days.

For more information, please visit En Route Books and Media over the next few days. I shall update this web site accordingly as time permits.

In the meantime, please join me in thanking God for this great grace. The true work begins now and I shall make yet another notable announcement related to the book when things are ready.

Fátima Book Update-6

Hello Everyone! I hope all is going well for you as we prepare to enter into the holy season of Lent (Wednesday, March 1st)!

The Fátima book is coming along well. My publisher, En Route Books and Media, is developing a page for the book. Endorsements have started coming in and a few more are expected. To date, Msgr. Charles Mangan and Dr. Joseph Shaw have written in favor of the book. In the meantime, we await the results of the canonical review.

In addition, a summary of the book has been provided. It was written by me for another purpose earlier this week but it turned out that En Route also liked it as a description.

fatima-front-cover-v4-200x300Also featured is an earlier draft of the proposed book cover. Changes are being made, but it does give a general idea of where we hope to go. I hope to be able to use the image of the third part of the secret from the movie The 13th Day, but we may change it. By far, their image is the best one that I have seen (in my humble opinion). If you would, in your charity, please pray for the Will of God to be done in this matter.

Our fundraiser for the translations obtained $605 dollars. Thank you very much to those who generously gave to support this project prayerfully, financially or sharing on social media. While we did not reach our goal of $1,600, the monies obtained go to pay the translators for their work. We appreciate your charity.* I am also happy to relay that we have received the permissions to publish these documents.

Finally, I will make a book-related announcement hopefully in the near future. There is some particularly good news on this front, but not quite ready yet for the public. Once it is, I shall make a new post so please do stay tuned!


* In the fundraiser, the nature of the two documents was not specified. This was a deliberate effort on my part because of their sensitive nature. Once the book is published, I shall explain the matter in more detail.