A Reply to Terry Nelson

Terry Nelson made an observation over on his web site Abbey Roads about a translation used during the recent discussion with Fr. Z. over Fátima.

If Mr. Nelson does not mind, I’d like to publicly confirm his suspicion: yes, the translation is flawed.

The comment said that Our Lady predicted “The Holy Father will have much to suffer for.” Nelson took issue with the word “for,” saying that it indicates that the Holy Father will be punished, as in “You’ll suffer for this.”

True, there is an honest question about the consecration of Russia taking place when God and Our Lady asked for it in 1929. The history of the twentieth century would, perhaps, have been different–including less suffering for the Holy Father.

It is, however, false to say that Our Lady stated “…suffer for.” Here is Sr. Lúcia’s own handwritten text:

Sr. Lúcia wrote that Our Lady said “e Santo Padre terá muito que sufrer*” (…and the Holy Father will have much to suffer…”). It is, therefore, incorrect to translate the text as “…suffer for.”

-Kevin Symonds

*This might be an example of Sr. Lúcia’s misspelling. The Portuguese verb is “sofrer” (to suffer), not “sufrer.”