Kevin’s Travel Blog-3: Arkansas-2

Good morning! Another day and another blog post! Lots to cover today and so I will try to be succinct.

I did not make it to see my friend yesterday and ended up staying put for the day getting work done. That article from Yves Chiron was brought to my attention and it needed to be translated quickly for an English-speaking audience. I had the time and the wherewithal to get a rough translation up and did so post haste. Those with better French skills than I are free to E-mail me with corrections and I will graciously and gratefully accept them. To the person who notified me about Chiron’s article, you have my sincere thanks.

A quick word, though, is necessary about the Fátima articles. The purpose of my web site is to provide information about me as a writer and author. It is not my intention to turn the site into a back-and-forth over controversial matters (either on Fátima or others). Chiron’s article is too important in the current discussions and so I have used my site to bring attention to it. Once a refined translation is available, I may place it on next to my essay on the Fr. Dollinger story. In the meantime, “thank you” to Michael Brown of Spirit Daily for bringing attention to Chiron’s letter.

This morning I was given another powerful story of faith that I would like to share with all of you. Some friends of mine have been preparing for the death of a family member (“HB”). This morning HB went to her eternal reward, having lived 89 years on this earth. The family has a mix of different religious persuasions; some are Catholic while others are Protestant. HB was on the Protestant side.

The divisions amongst Christians is always a sad and lamentable reality. It is a scandal to the world which has led to much of the problems and issues that we face today. My friends are on the Catholic side of this particular family dynamic. It was a balancing act between letting go of HB and preparing her as best they could for her presentation before the judgment seat of the Almighty, the Rex tremendae maiestatis.

A couple of days ago, one of my friends, LD, the granddaughter of HB, was with HB. LD excused herself to go pray the Rosary in another room, asking for the intercession of St. Thérèse of Lisieux as well. After praying, a somewhat pungent aroma of roses suddenly arose. LD could not make heads or tails of it. She left the room where she was praying and met other members of the family. LD asked something to the effect of who sprayed air-freshener. Long story short, they looked at her like she had 10 heads. Only one member of the family present in that room could also smell the fragrance. That one person was one of LD’s daughters, “RK,” who is a Protestant.

Why could RK smell the fragrance but nobody else could? LD and her family consecrated their home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary some time ago. Though a Protestant, RK was also present for the ceremony and consented to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (after having it explained to her).

Earlier, I spoke about Fátima. In the midst of all the debates and controversies, it is easy to forget the love that Our Lady has for us, and her promises to those who are devoted to her and make reparation for the sins, blasphemies and ingratitude committed against her Immaculate Heart.

In Waco, members of the St. Gregory Society were inspired to do the consecration to Jesus through Mary according to St. Louis de Montfort. They invited others to join and my above-mentioned friends accepted the invitation. It is a building effect, but God honors the efforts of His people.

I suspect that recent events surrounding the death of HB are connected to God honoring people’s efforts. Why would RK have experienced the fragrance when no one else did? The only explanation, as my source told me, seemed to be that RK was present for the consecration of my friends’ home to Jesus and Mary. RK is “keyed-in” to much larger and greater spiritual realities (whether she realizes it or not) and this may well be one sign and indication of it.

Such graces are powerful signal-graces from God. They provide hope and encouragement to His people and a deepening of the theological virtues. This, in turn, is meant to rebound back to God for His greater glory and praise. My source tells me that when LD and RK were breathing in the scent of roses, an overwhelming sense of peace and calm came over them.

There is a powerful story here friends, and my poor words cannot do it justice. All I can say is….

Benedicamus Domino!
-Kevin J. Symonds

P.S. I was also treated this morning to a neat video of footage of St. Padre Pio billed as “rare.” It was rather inspiring.