Sr. Lúcia and the Seventh Apparition

A relatively little-known aspect of the history of Our Lady’s apparitions in Fátima, Portugal concerns a comment made to Sr. Lúcia about a “seventh” apparition. On May 13, 1917, in her first apparition to the three shepherd children, Our Lady stated, “I have come to ask you to come here for six months in succession, on the 13th day, at this same hour. Later on, I will tell you who I am and what I want. Afterwards, I will return here yet a seventh time.”[i] Has this seventh apparition already occurred? We shall look at this matter presently.

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Cardinal Bertone Talks About Third Secret of Fátima

Catholic News Service carried an article with an interview from Cardinal Bertone and the third part of the secret of Fátima.

Pity that I did not have this available prior to the publication of my book!

Cardinal Bertone talks about the third secret of Fatima

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, former Vatican secretary of state, speaks with EWTN on May 4, 2017. Credit: Daniel Ibanez / CNA.

By Andrea Gagliarducci

.- The third secret of Fatima deals with past events, but at the same time its call to conversion is always current, always up to date, said Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State emeritus.

In an interview with CNA, Cardinal Bertone spoke about the third secret of Fatima, how the decision to release the secret was made, and his memories of his three meetings with Sr. Lucia, the longest-living of the three shepherd children who had been the custodian of the secret until it was released by the Vatican at the request of Pope John Paul II.

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Our Lady of Fátima and the Reality of Hell

Originally published at Catholic Stand on November 19, 2015.

In the apparitions of Our Lady of Fátima, there are 2 striking aspects. These aspects are the miracle of the sun and the famous three-part secret. Recently, I had cause to think about one of the parts of the secret, namely the vision of hell. There are some intriguing questions about Fátima and hell in relation to some contemporary theological views that deserve some treatment.

To begin treating these questions, it is first necessary to state the contents of the three-part secret of Fátima.

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Fátima Interview: WCAT Radio

Bob Olson:
Welcome to I Thought You’d Like to Know This Too, which is the Friday edition of I Thought You’d Like to Know This, and its interviews with very interesting people who have a message for you. We have with us tonight, Kevin Symonds. Welcome Kevin!

Kevin Symonds:
Hi! It’s good to be with you this evening.

Bob Olson:
We talked and interviewed Kevin a while back on two books that he has written Refractions of Light which are revelations, private revelations, and also the book Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael. Joining us tonight too is Al Bilowski who is the host of our program on Wednesday nights which is called Catholic Mysticism. So, let’s get right into it, Kevin. We’re going to talk about Fátima and what happened at Fátima, so let’s go!

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