Fátima Trip 2017-2

Hello Everyone! This is my second update from Fátima!

Today was a good day. After all that travelling to get here, I was wiped out. I slept until 7:35 a.m. (local time) and then began my day. I was at breakfast around 9 a.m. downstairs in the lobby of my hotel, and then went off to a friend’s place to get ready for a meeting. My friend was late owing to his own being up late last night, but we got to where we were going (to see the Dominican Sisters).

Through the cloister grill (first time for that!), I met with the Sister who worked on the translations of Sr. Lúcia’s Memoirs. She was accompanied by her Prioress. It was so awesome to meet and speak with her! I hope to go back and interview her for the purposes of an article. She is 92, and so we have to get these stories while we still can! I have a picture with her, but do not have permission to publish it. I shall request that as well.

My friend took me to the Sisters’ gift shop. They had two books that caught my eye. I also took some of their promotional literature. Ladies, if you think that you may have a vocation to a cloistered Dominican life, please click on this photo:

The Sisters have a chapel and the laity are permitted inside. I went in with my friend, not knowing that there was Adoration. We stayed for a few minutes and prayed. Towards the end, I took the opportunity to take a few photos.

My friend and I then headed back to his place. When we arrived, it was 12:15 and Mass was starting so I went. It was in Portuguese but the Mass is the Mass. As a former Latin teacher, I must say that it is a lot easier to attend Mass in Latin!

After Mass, I went to go grocery shopping and then back to my hotel room where I had lunch, made some calls, and rested for a bit. At some point, I will have to share my grocery list for any LCHF-folks who come here on pilgrimage (prepare to offer sacrifices…it is Fátima, after all!). Meanwhile, the heat here is quite intolerable—even native Portuguese have commented to me on how bad it is. It is bad, but, to be honest, living in Waco helped me to build up some resistance to high temperatures. Nevertheless, I am thankful for my air-conditioned hotel room!

Afterwards, I went back out to the Sanctuary’s gift shop. I am now $112 poorer, having spent it on books and two DVDs. Outside of the shop, I met a couple from Ireland with their son. We had a good 20-30 minutes long conversation. Good people and conversation, and it is always helpful for me to see where people are at. I gave them my web site address and hope they check it out. If you are reading this: Hello! Make sure to write to me and check out my St. Michael book!

I also stopped at the local Irish rest place on the Rua S. Isabel named Cead Mile Failte. The last time that I was there was in 2005 when I was on pilgrimage here and staying with Rick Salbato. I conversed today with the good folks there for a bit over good hot tea. I met some of them last night and so was fulfilling my word that I would stop by. I purchased from them the DVD Call to Fatima. I was watching it yesterday and it had some good information. It goes with the book Calls from the Message of Fatima.[i]

After that, I stopped back at my friend’s place to check in and see if there were any plans for this evening after the Rosary procession. He was not in, and, long story short, a local gift shop had a book that interested me very much (an Encyclopedia of Fátima). I spoke with the young lady working there for a bit as well as made the acquaintance of a gentleman from England.

I needed to print off a fresh copy of my talk tomorrow as some last-minute edits required a new printing. My friend’s daughter directed me to the Loja do Francisco on the Rua Francisco Marto. Thank you very much! Just prior to this, I saw Sr. Angela Coelho, who worked with the postulation for the causes of Sts. Francisco and Jacinta Marto. I look forward to speaking with her tomorrow at the Congress.

Once I was done printing, I began the journey back to my hotel room. It’s a little walk, but I need the exercise. The heat will begin to taper off now with the sun going down, so all will be well. After the Rosary procession tonight, I hope to visit with some friends.

Lastly, I want to put in a plug for two people. The first is Paul Kengor. I was reading his book A Pope and a President prior to his interviewing me and brought the book with me to Fátima for the plane ride. Get. This. Book! It helps to put some things into perspective about Fátima, John Paul II, Reagan, and the political end of things.


Second, thank you to Mr. Matthew Figured of Figured&Co for the beautiful Rosary. I brought it with me and will use it during the Rosary procession(s)!

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers. Please know that I pray for you here. My time here seems a little rushed, almost business-like, I noticed. May we be on guard against such things!



[i] I learned an interesting story about this book yesterday and I hope to get it confirmed tomorrow. If I do, and am given permission to do so, I shall publish the information.