Fátima Trip 2017-9

Hi Everyone! This is my “farewell” post from Fátima as today is my last full day here. It is amazing to me how fond I am of this place and do not want to leave. I suspect that it will be a rather emotional departure.

After the Rosary Procession last night, I headed over to my friend’s place but he was not in so I decided to go back to the hotel. There was a group of people in the lobby speaking English. In fact, yesterday was the one day that it seemed everywhere I turned there was an English-speaking person or group. It was rather weird! In any case, I ended up talking with this group about all things Fátima, youth ministry, the “lost generation” (in reference to the Faith), etc. They were low-carbers as well, so we had an instantaneous connection! This group just finished the El Camino in Spain and are now in Fátima on pilgrimage.

I retired around 1 p.m. if memory serves and was up by 7:30. After my morning routine I went down to breakfast where I saw the group from last night. We talked for a bit during breakfast (which, by the way, the hotel offered scrambled eggs today instead of hard-boiled) and then they went to their respective itinerary.

I went back to my room and got ready for a meeting with an official of the Sanctuary scheduled for 10 a.m. While waiting for this person at the Sacred Heart fountain, I took some photos using those neat features on my camera:

The meeting went for about an hour and a half and was good. Afterwards, I went back to my friend’s place (mentioned earlier) and spoke with him for a bit. He purchased the copies of Refractions of Light and Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael that I had brought with me for the Congress. While at his place, I took some photos of a statue he had of Our Lady of Fátima using the features on my camera. Here is one such shot:

While returning to my hotel room I ran into another friend and talked for a bit. I was glad to have done so as I was not sure if we’d run into each other before my departure tomorrow.

Later this evening I have an appointment with a translator and then there is the Rosary Procession.

May it please God that I return here quickly. Please pray for safe travels tomorrow!