Interview with Dr. Paul Kengor

On Friday, June 9th (2017), I was interviewed for the Kresta in the Afternoon talk program by Dr. Paul Kengor (click ahead to the 26:15 mark).

I would also like to make a plug for Dr. Kengor’s book A Pope and a President. I have been reading it and am quite intrigued by it. With respect to my interests with Fátima, the book provides the political angle to the story. It is a bit refreshing to see things from a new light.

I was also interviewed by Bob Olson for WCAT Radio the other day. It airs this Friday but is available in advance.

Fátima Book: Chapter 12

I have just now (8:40 a.m., central) learned of an earlier text from Fr. Paul Kramer that discusses the Fr. Ingo Dollinger claim.

I shall accordingly update chapter 12 of On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima. I was unaware of this earlier text while writing my book and offer my sincerest apologies to readers. These discussions on Fátima are ongoing and so we learn (and update) as we go!