St. Michael Book: Origin

Hello Everyone! My new duties and responsibilities keep me quite busy, but not so busy where I cannot respond to an occasional E-mail.

Just today I received a question about Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael. In response to this question, I ended up relaying how the book came to be. It seemed to be a good thing to share it with the public at large:

While still in college, I found a reference to the origin of the prayer in the journal Ephemerides liturgicae. I then updated the St. Michael page on Wikipedia with this new information towards the middle or end of 2006. One can check the article’s history to see what I did at that time. Notice my name at the end of the “Further Developments” section.
Fast-forward about 6 years to May, 2012. During a conversation with two gentlemen, some errant comments were made about the prayer to St. Michael. I was not happy with the erroneous remarks and decided to do something about it. At the time, I was writing for the web site Catholic Lane and set out to write a simple article about the history of the prayer. Well, it was not so simple as the project ballooned to what is now a 260+ page book. There was just so much material and I was having a lot of fun researching. I remain grateful to everyone who helped me with that research–the modern means of social communication being of tremendous help in this regard.