Medjugorje Commission: Leaked Final Report

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The Italian writer David Murgia has published what he claims is the final report (relatio) from the Ruini Commission on Medjugorje.

The text is available on Amazon and in the Italian language. It is quite a read and I look forward to studying it more in depth. I do not provide a link here because Murgia wishes people to purchase it as an ebook, and I do not know if he has permission from the Holy See to do that.

I can tell you that the document does not go into much of the “nitty-gritty” details with respect to how the Commission arrived at its conclusions. That drama would have taken place during the 17 plenary meetings that they held (and which were recorded, according to the relatio). From what I have seen so far, there are some questions that are arising and which, in my opinion, need answers. I look forward to going more into this matter.

For now, I am releasing a written summary of the final report’s outline. I have translated it from the Italian original and it is to be considered a working translation. For a nicer view in PDF format, please visit my profile on Academia!!

Final Relatio

International Commission of Inquiry on Medjugorje

17 January, 2014

Introductory Considerations

1. Constitution and working method of the Commission

2. Criteria Followed

Part I

The Question of the Supernaturality of the Phenomenon

1. Beginning and articulation of the phenomenon

          1.1 The initial profile of the phenomenon

          1.2 The reasons for the identification of two phases

          1.3 Motives to affirm the supernatural origin of the beginning of the phenomenon

          1.4 The outcome of the voting regarding the supernaturality of the beginning of the phenomenon

2. Subsequent history of the phenomenon

          2.1 Aspects not related to the behavior of the alleged seers

          2.2 Outcome of the vote on the effects of the phenomenon to leave aside the behavior of the alleged seers

          2.3 Aspects related mainly to the behavior of the alleged seers

          2.4 Actual credibility of the alleged seers

          2.5 Outcome of the voting regarding the supernaturality of the aspects of the subsequent history of the phenomenon related to the behavior of the alleged seers

Part II

Suggestions for the practical management of the phenomenon

1. Reasons requiring some modifications of the line followed up to now

          1.1 Presentation of the reasons

          1.2 Outcome of the voting on current bans on pilgrimages to Medjugorje

2. Forms in which the authority of the Church in Medjugorje should be exercised

          2.1 Reasons why this problem arises

          2.2 Results of the votes regarding the forms in which ecclesiastical authority is to be exercised in Medjugorje

3. Attitudes to be held toward the alleged seers

          3.1 Objectives to be achieved

          3.2 Concrete suggestions in order to achieve these objectives

4. Care for pilgrims and devotees of the Madonna of Medjugorje

          4.1 In Medjugorje

          4.2 In the world


On the supernaturality of the phenomenon

On the opportune pastoral solutions

Testimony of Dr. Darinka Šumanović-Glamuzina

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