Pope Francis Speaks on Medjugorje

During the return journey to Rome from Portugal, Pope Francis was asked about Medjugorje by the journalist Mimmo Muolo from Avvenire.

The Vatican’s web site has a transcription of the press conference. At this time, there is no official English translation (which will appear here when it is available), though Catholic News Agency has issued an unofficial one. Between these two texts, I would like to offer my thoughts in order to help people understand what has happened.

Here is a video of the press conference:

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More Medjugorje News from the Diocese of Mostar

The Diocese of Mostar-Duvno has released a new article from Bishop Ratko Peric with information on Medjugorje.

At this time, the article is available only in Croatian and Italian (English now available). It is entitled “Medjugorje Apparition Attacks on the Diocesan Bishop Pavao Zanic” (NAPADI MEĐUGORSKE POJAVE NA DIJECEZANSKOGA BISKUPA PAVLA ŽANIĆA).

In the article, Peric recalls his predecessor, Bishop Pavao Zanic and his ministry. As the Bishop when the Medjugorje phenomenon began (and for the its first 12 years), he had the task of examining the facts of the case. Peric recalls some of the highlights of this time. To this effect, he depends upon the infamous “Diary” of Vicka for some of the early history.

In his conclusion, Peric lauds Zanic as being “a man full of moral integrity,” to whom the people “listened to a preacher of truth” and that he was a “courageous shepherd, ready to die for the truth and for his faithful flock (Biskup se Žanić u svoje 23 godine episkopata predstavio kao čovjek potpuna moralnog integriteta, rado slušan propovjednik istine, neumoran djelitelj svetih sakramenata i hrabar pastir, spreman umrijeti za istinu i za svoje vjerno stado).

Peric ends with some remarks that condemn suspect activity on the part of the “Gospa” of Medjugorje and the “visionaries.”


Fr. Amorth and Medjugorje

Originally published at Catholic Lane on February 11, 2013.

Bishop Ratko Peric has accused renowned exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth and his former assistant of censoring damaging information concerning the Medjugorje phenomenon.

In an article dated January, 2010 and entitled, “Questionable Games Surrounding the Great Sign”, Peric discusses the history of statements made by the alleged visionaries concerning the sign to be left in Medjugorje.  During this history, Peric states Fr. Amorth, along with fellow exorcist Fr. Smiljan Dragan Kožul, “censored” a remark by alleged visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic to author Fr. Janko Bubalo.

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Sabotaging the Medjugorje Commission?

Originally published at Catholic Lane on February 4, 2013.

From June, 1981 to the present, six people from Medjugorje (Bosnia-Hercegovina) have been claiming to see the Virgin Mary.  Over these 31 or so years, much controversy has arisen concerning the origin of these claims.  Lies, scandal, slander, disobedience and accusations that the alleged visionaries are being handled by the local Franciscans form a forgotten (and covered-up) side of Medjugorje’s history.

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Inaccurate Reporting on Medjugorje is a Disservice to All Catholics

Originally published at Catholic Lane on December 28, 2012. This article had been translated into Croatian and published in the publication “Crkva na kamenu” (The Church on the Rock) at this URL address, though it is no longer available.

On the British tabloid Daily Mail Online, there recently appeared an article by Chris Rogers and Marshall Corwin concerning the six alleged seers of Medjugorje.  Rogers and Corwin write a fairly simple article that recounts some basic history of Medjugorje.  It also mixes the authors’ own experience with Medjugorje and the alleged seers.  I would like to take the opportunity to respond to some questionable statements made by Rogers and Corwin in their article.

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Apparitions in Lipa: Is There Hope for Medjugorje?

Originally appeared at Catholic Stand on September 18, 2015.

On September 12, the Archbishop of Lipa in the Philippines issued a decree on a case of alleged apparitions from 1948 in Lipa itself. This news has been making its rounds within Catholic media. This is partly because of some history of Lipa that coincides with the Medjugorje phenomenon. In this article, I discuss this history, its importance and bearing on the expected judgment on Medjugorje.

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Has Rome Tipped Its Hand on Medjugorje?

Originally appeared at Catholic Stand on August 3, 2015.

Since I wrote an article back in 2013 on the alleged apparitions of Our Lady under the title of “Rosa Mistica,” it turns out that there have been some further developments on this case. Surprisingly, these developments might have a bearing upon the ongoing speculation about the upcoming judgment from the Holy See on Medjugorje. I would like to examine the facts beginning with the new information on the Rosa Mistica case and then apply it to Medjugorje.

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