Fatima Book

For many decades, the third part of the secret of Fátima has been mired in controversy, suspicion and conspiracy. Many questions have arisen that, to this day, have not been fully addressed.

With the upcoming centenary of Fátima, it is time for answers!

To this end, Kevin J. Symonds has been researching various issues connected with the third part of the secret. He is pleased to announce the publication of his findings in book format, the title of which is:

On the Third Part
of the Secret of Fátima

In his book, Kevin re-examines the history of the third part of the secret and addresses specific areas of concern. Research was conducted in several foreign languages. Academic libraries as well as the Archives of the Fátima Sanctuary itself were consulted.

The sco20161001_084753ape of this work, however, comes at considerable cost. There is a need for translations, as well as travel costs associated with consulting authorities at a distance.

Would you consider partnering with Kevin to fund the necessary research?

If you would like to support Kevin and his research you can contact him directly.

Friends of Our Lady, answers do exist concerning the third part of the secret of Fátima! Will you help to combat error and make known the truth about Our Lady’s message at Fátima?