Fátima Interview

Hello Everyone! Another day is passing by, but before it goes I want to tell you some exciting news!

When I was in Fátima in September, I was interviewed by Goya Productions (Spain) for the purposes of a documentary on Fátima. I learned today that a trailer has been released and a web site established.

The documentary is called (in English): Fatima: The Last Mystery. I must say that I like the graphic designing of the promotional flyers:

fatima_last-mystery flyer-fatima

It reminds me of a theme that I discuss in my book…but you’ll have to wait for that just a little longer. I hope to have an update for you soon on the progress of the book (some good news, in fact)!

It also appears as though the production company has started a crowd-funding campaign. I know some of the people who were interviewed and I can tell you that this documentary is all the better for having them in it.

The documentary is looking good and I await the finished product.