Fátima Trip 2017-4

Hello Everyone and welcome to blog post number 4 of my Fátima adventures!

First, I did end up going to that DVD showing last night. It was the officially unofficial showing in Fátima of the Fátima: El Ultimo Misterio documentary. When I first appeared on screen, a friend of mine drew attention to the fact that I was, indeed, the same person. I had hoped the moment to pass by without anyone recognizing me.

Today was a somewhat slower day. I got up around 7:30 to begin my morning routine and arrived at the Centro Paolo VI just before the first session started at 9:15. The session was by Dr. João Décio Passos, moderated by Sr. Angela Coelho:

I think that his topic was very timely as he spoke about, in part, the interpretation of Fátima. This is an area of Fátima that needs to be developed.

Afterwards, there was a brief break and then the second session—a very impassioned talk (as only Italians can do it) by Fr. Franco Manzi:

My take-away pertained to his discussion on prophecy and Fátima. Readers of my book On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima should know why this is of particular interest to me.

We broke for lunch at 1 p.m. and I departed for my hotel room after one or two conversations. At the hotel, I ate my lunch, watched a couple of videos and took care of some other business. I returned to the Centro Paolo VI close to 3 p.m. I ran into a Benedictine monk who was giving a talk on the Hungarian Stations of the Cross at 5:30. We talked briefly by the Secretariat desk. I then attended a talk on Our Lady in relation to Ecumenism. It was in Portuguese and I did not understand much, but it was recorded.

I hung around the Centro for a bit and attended the Hungarian Stations presentation. I was rather impressed by the forthrightness of the monk-presenter in discussing Cardinal Mindszenty and told him so after the talk. I showed how some of his points dovetailed with some in my book.

After his presentation, I briefly spoke with one of the organizers of the Congress and then headed back to the hotel. There is an informal discussion at 9:30 this evening and I plan to attend. There will be a concert (Cantar Fátima) tomorrow night also at 9:30 and it sounds very good.

That will be all for now. I continue to pray for everyone!


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