More Medjugorje News from the Diocese of Mostar

The Diocese of Mostar-Duvno has released a new article from Bishop Ratko Peric with information on Medjugorje.

At this time, the article is available only in Croatian and Italian (English now available). It is entitled “Medjugorje Apparition Attacks on the Diocesan Bishop Pavao Zanic” (NAPADI MEĐUGORSKE POJAVE NA DIJECEZANSKOGA BISKUPA PAVLA ŽANIĆA).

In the article, Peric recalls his predecessor, Bishop Pavao Zanic and his ministry. As the Bishop when the Medjugorje phenomenon began (and for the its first 12 years), he had the task of examining the facts of the case. Peric recalls some of the highlights of this time. To this effect, he depends upon the infamous “Diary” of Vicka for some of the early history.

In his conclusion, Peric lauds Zanic as being “a man full of moral integrity,” to whom the people “listened to a preacher of truth” and that he was a “courageous shepherd, ready to die for the truth and for his faithful flock (Biskup se Žanić u svoje 23 godine episkopata predstavio kao čovjek potpuna moralnog integriteta, rado slušan propovjednik istine, neumoran djelitelj svetih sakramenata i hrabar pastir, spreman umrijeti za istinu i za svoje vjerno stado).

Peric ends with some remarks that condemn suspect activity on the part of the “Gospa” of Medjugorje and the “visionaries.”