St. Michael Book: Second Edition Now Available

Hi Everyone!

The second edition of Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael is now available for purchase! Please visit Preserving Christian Publicationsweb site, call (1-315-942-6617), E-mail (, or go to the Amazon page.

One of the new features of this second edition is an expanded appendix in the back of the book. After careful consideration, it was decided that Pope Leo XIII’s 1902 Apostolic Letter Vigesimo quinto anno (Pervenuti all’anno) should be included.


Once praised as Leo’s “last testament” shortly after its publication, Pervenuti all’anno is a very timely document for its scope on the Church as it entered the twentieth century. One hundred and sixteen years later, this Apostolic Letter can be said to be rather prophetic and speaks to the present moment.

Pervenuti all’anno was presented in the Italian language (p. 513ff) when it was published in 1902. In Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael, the text is presented in (rare) English translation. It is largely based upon an earlier translation that appeared in The American Catholic Quarterly Review. There were, however, some areas of this translation that I thought were not quite accurate. Thus, with the help of Impeccable Business English, a more finely-tuned translation of Pervenuti all’anno is now available to the public.

Within the chapters of the book itself, there was some cleaning up of the grammar, citations, as well as new additions to the text. One of those new additions concerns chapter six. In the first edition, a note had been added at the end of the chapter and concerned some new information that had come in after the text had been submitted for the nihil obstat and imprimatur. That information has now been incorporated into the chapter and the presentation subsequently augmented. I also added new information in the chapter on Fr. Domenico Pechenino.

All in all, whether you are a first-time buyer or a returning customer, the second edition of Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael remains a very timely book and well-worth buying.*

Hoping all is well with everyone! I will be gone for the next several days and without the use of digital technology.

-Kevin Symonds

* Please note that the cost of the book has increased from $16 to $18 in order to accommodate for the increased production costs.