Matt Gaspers Responds

Hello Everyone! Well, little did I think I’d have to write two articles of a similar theme in less than 24 hours but it looks like I am!

Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News has responded to my July article Gaspers’ Interpretation of Fatima. He has done so in an article for CFN that was published on September 3. Gaspers was kind to notify me via Facebook of the article and I thank him for this gesture. We have subsequently spoken briefly also via Facebook.

I have read the article but shall not respond until after he completes his criticisms (his article states that it is only part one).

Also, from now on my posts on all things private revelation will be restricted. I have some new considerations before me that require my immediate attention and focus. Therefore, I will do what I can to respond appropriately to Gaspers in accordance with my new duties and responsibilities, but it may be some time.

-Kevin Symonds