Christine Watkins Imprimatur

Hello Everyone!

The other day, Christine Watkins’ book The Warning came up in the recent kerfuffle over Fr. Michel Rodrigue. It was said that this book was given the Imprimatur. There are some people who are checking out the facts.

One such person, a Becky Malmquist, posted on Facebook a picture of the legal page from The Warning. It seems as though the Warning was granted the Imprimatur by the retired Archbishop of Lipa, Ramón C. Argüellas, STL.

Catholic Canon Law states (canon 824 §1) that there are two authorities in the Church who can grant the Imprimatur:

  • The local Ordinary of the author;
  • The local Ordinary of the publisher/where the books are to be published.

Of course, the Holy See may also grant the Imprimatur in virtue of its universal jurisdiction.


  1. Does Christine Watkins live in the Philippines?
  2. Is her book published in the Philippines?
  3. Has the Holy See designated Archbishop Argüellas to grant the Imprimatur on its behalf?
  4. Does a retired Archbishop enjoy the legal authority to grant an Imprimatur?

Also, there is no mention of who served as Censor Librorum for the Archbishop (cf. canon 830 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law).

  • Who was the Censor for Archbishop Argüellas?

Thank you, Becky Malmquist, for bringing this fact to the public’s attention. Let us hope there is a reasonable explanation.


Click here for a direct link to Malmquist’s image.