Interview with Pat Flynn & Eric Robinson


In late February, I interviewed with Patrick Flynn (Chronicles of Strength) and Eric Robinson (Polycarp’s Paradigm).

Our topic was all things private revelation and how the Church discerns individual cases. We primarily talked about Fátima. Click here to listen!

In the meantime, please, everyone, stay safe, alright? Things are not looking so good out there and we need to take care of ourselves and others.

-Kevin Symonds

Interview with Fr. Edward Looney

Hello Everyone!

Last week, I interviewed with Fr. Edward Looney for his podcast How They Love Mary. The episode was entitled “Making Sense of Marian Apparitions (Season 3, Episode 2).

To listen, please click here. Thank you, Fr. Looney, for this wonderful opportunity!!

-Kevin Symonds

Chanting the Benedicamus Domino

Hi Everyone!

Back on September 10th, I had just finished a work-out and was passing by a racquetball court. It was very early in the morning and no one was using the room. It has some beautiful acoustics and so I decided to record myself chanting Benedicamus Domino.

The piece is not very long, not even a minute, but I posted it today on my YouTube channel for anyone interested.