Pope Francis Speaks on Medjugorje

During the return journey to Rome from Portugal, Pope Francis was asked about Medjugorje by the journalist Mimmo Muolo from Avvenire.

The Vatican’s web site has a transcription of the press conference. At this time, there is no official English translation (which will appear here when it is available), though Catholic News Agency has issued an unofficial one. Between these two texts, I would like to offer my thoughts in order to help people understand what has happened.

Here is a video of the press conference:

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Fátima Book Chapters

Hello Everyone!

I am providing the list of chapters for my Fátima book in order to whet your whistles a bit before book ordering becomes available.

Table of Contents

  1. Fátima and Its Secret: A History
  2. How Many Lines of Text?
  3. The 1967 Allocution of Cardinal Ottaviani
  4. The Mysterious Date of 1960
  5. Fuentes and Sister Lúcia
  6. Sister Lúcia and a “Terrifying” Secret?
  7. The 1960 Portuguese News Article
  8. The “Silencing” of Sister Lúcia
  9. Portugal and the Dogma of the Faith
  10. Ratzinger, Dhanis and Fátima
  11. Pope Benedict XVI and Fátima
  12. Dollinger and Fátima
  13. Various Considerations



John Paul II & Ronald Reagan

Carl Olson interviewed Paul Kengor over on Catholic World Report. It is a rather enlightening interview and I recommend it. An excerpt:

CWR: The matters of the consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart and the Third Secret of Fatima are still quite controversial in many Catholic circles. What do you think happened, based on your research, and why is there still so much controversy and confusion?

Dr. Kengor: As to the Third Secret, to be blunt, some were hoping for the Apocalypse. They were hoping that the Third Secret predicted the End Times. Of course, this isn’t because they morbidly wanted the world to explode in giant nuclear-mushroom clouds, but because they want Jesus to come again and straighten out this painfully insane world. In that sense, with the Third Secret “merely” predicting the shooting of a pope who didn’t die, I think some people were oddly let down.

Now, that said, I walk through this very carefully in the book: Sister Lucia told the Vatican several times, very specifically, that the Third Secret had been fully revealed and that John Paul II’s consecration of Russia to Mary’s immaculate heart had been done properly and successfully. I have full chapters in the book on each of those two events. To me, the issue seems resolved.

Cardinal Martins, Fátima, and the Last Three Popes

Catholic News Service has a nice article on Cardinal Saraiva Martins and the last three Popes with respect to Fátima. I encourage you to read it.

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Recent popes have had a special affection for Our Lady of Fatima, but no pope’s connection can match that of St. John Paul II.

“We cannot forget that he was saved by Our Lady of Fatima from the assassination attempt here in St. Peter’s. This is fundamental and central. It is never forgotten,” Portuguese Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, former prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes, told Catholic News Service March 29.

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