Responding to Taylor Marshall-2

Hello Everyone! This is the second video of my series responding to Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon.

The present video begins the actual content-review of the Marshall/Gordon podcast. It covers the first twelve or so minutes of the podcast, which largely surrounds a discussion of Pope Leo XIII and the vision he had that led to his composing the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.

Below is a transcript of the video. Please remember to watch the videos consecutively.

Part III to come soon, stay tuned!

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Responding to Taylor Marshall-1

Hello Everyone! This post is the first entry to introduce my video series responding to Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon on Fátima. I announced the series here on the site recently.

In September of 2018, Marshall and Gordon made a podcast entitled Third Secret of Fatima & the Smoke of Satan in the Church. I was quite interested to see the direction in which they took the discussion. There were good points during the podcast. There were also some questionable moments.

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Video Announcement

Hello Everyone!

I will soon be issuing a video response to a podcast from Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon. Over the course of several videos, I offer commentary to what Marshall and Gordon discuss.

I hope to begin uploading the videos soon to my YouTube channel.

To be clear: this series is not polemical. My response is meant to be critical, yet gentlemanly. There is some friendly jest, but nothing is done with an animus.

Stay tuned for more news!

Update: 11-21-19 A.D.:
The videos have started to go live. The first two are now available. As they go live, I’ll add a link to the list below.

Video 1 (live on November 20, 2019)
Video 2 (live on November 20, 2019)
Video 3 (live on November 21, 2019)
Video 4 (live on November 21, 2019)
Video 5 (live on November 21, 2019)
Video 6 (live on November 21, 2019)
Video 7 (live on November 21, 2019)
Video 8 (live on November 21, 2019)

St. Michael Book Interview

Hi Everyone!

I was interviewed by Paul “the Angry Catholic” and his wife Kris over at The Angry Catholic. Click on Episode 39.

It was a special Halloween edition, so we talked about ghosts, demons, hauntings, the Church’s teaching, St. Michael, Pope Leo’s prayer to St. Michael, etc.




Sheen: Soon to be “Blessed”

The Holy See has announced that a miracle attributed to the Servant of God, Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, has been accepted by Pope Francis.

I have greatly benefited from Sheen’s wisdom over the years and rejoice in this news.

Let us praise God!!

In the meantime, please keep informed of the latest news from the Diocese of Peoria. It has established a web site for updates, news, and information.