Kevin’s Travel Blog-5: St. Louis-2

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well!

Today I was able to get over to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary after an unexpected stop. Living in Waco, I lack the resources of a good Catholic theological library close by (Baylor University is in the Baptist tradition). While at the seminary I was able to see Rose Lawson, who, for those more familiar with my writings, helped me with the research for my Refractions of Light and Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael books.


It was nice to see her again. She is a wonderful woman, eager to help patrons. She mentioned that the staff noticed that her name is in th20160613_141813-ae acknowledgements of the St. Michael book. It was the least I could do in return for her help!

Turns out that a copy of my St. Michael book is on the shelf in the seminary library next to Malachi Martin’s Hostage to the Devil. I got a good laugh out of that.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world of libraries, my Refractions of Light book sits next to a copy of Dietrich von Hildebrand’s book Jaws of Death: Gate of Heaven. Is God trying to tell me something…?

Not too long ago, the seminary library was remodeled. I am still getting used to the new look. One thing is for sure, there is more light in the place. It makes for better reading and a more welcome environment. Still, I liked the old fashioned feel of the previous design.

While at the seminary I was able to visit with Msgr. C. Eugene Morris. He is an excellent priest, not afraid to say what needs to be said. If ever you are able to sit through a course or a talk from him—do so!!

That’s all for today. A storm is blowing in, so until next time!
-Kevin J. Symonds