Sr. Lúcia Biography

Hi Everyone! While doing some work today, I came across this interesting article about the publication of the Carmelites’ biography Um caminho sob o olhar de Maria.

The article is, of course, in Portuguese. I offer it in English translation here for you:

Excerpts from Sister Lucia’s Diary Published in Book
By: António Rosado
October 5, 2013, 6:54p.m.

The book “Um caminho sob o olhar de Maria”, authored by the Carmelite religious of St. Teresa, was presented today in Coimbra, publishes unpublished excerpts from the diary of Sr. Lúcia, a work that has never been published.

In addition to containing parts of the already published Memoirs, the book has, in its second half, several “unpublished documents,” namely excerpts from the diary of the nun entitled “O meu caminho,” which seek to make Sr. Lúcia known in depth and also her faith,” explained the Bishop of Coimbra, Vergilio Antunes, on the edge of the presentation of the work, which took place in the Memorial da Irmã Lúcia.

Vergílio Antunes affirmed that now “the phase of the apparitions was well known, but little was known about the adult life of Sister Lúcia,” telling the Lusa agency that only part of the diary, which until then was kept in the Carmel, was revealed, in which the nun entered the cloister in 1946 [KJS Note: Correction, 1948].

The autobiographical manuscript, which began to be written in the 1940s, has “many thousands of pages,” the greater part written by hand, and may “give way to many more documents,” said the bishop of Coimbra.