Fátima Articles

Good morning readers! A storm blew through the area yesterday and so I have time this morning to take care of some business.

I would like to bring your attention to two articles that have appeared. Preserving Christian Publications (PCP) has issued its recent catalog (#183).* In it are two articles pertaining to Fátima and I am referenced in them.

The title of the first article is The Kevin Symonds-Christopher Ferrara Debate on the Third Secret. You can read it separately on PCP’s web site here.

The second article appears at the end of the catalog (p. 24). There is no title for this article, but it appears under a promotion for PCP’s booklet Fatima and the Third Secret. It appears to be a reproduction (though with a new introduction) of a comment left under the interview with Matthew Hoffman over at Catholic World Report.

I would like to raise once again an important observation.

In chapter nine of my book (On the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima), the question of the famous phrase about Portugal and the dogma of the Faith is discussed. During that discussion, I point out some theological questions concerning the significado (understanding) given to Sr. Lúcia. These questions have not been addressed owing to insufficient historical data. I brought up this matter, briefly, during the debate with Ferrara.

As I showed in chapter nine, it is possible–but not a foregone conclusion–that Our Lady had communicated the significado of the vision in words to Sr. Lúcia. This remains a question, as I said, because of insufficient historical data. Careful scholarship requires us to make provision for this fact until such time as the matter can be addressed.

Let me also note that the fact of the possibility that the significado of the vision was given in words does not, therefore, prove the second text theory. In other words, if Our Lady gave the significado in words, it does not therefore immediately follow that Sr. Lúcia later wrote it down in a separate document between 1944 and 1959 that was given to the Pope, kept in the papal apartments, etc., etc.

In the meantime, we also know that the May 12, 1982 letter of Sr. Lúcia was in fact written to Pope John Paul II. The Carmelite Sisters of Coimbra have provided to the public the introduction of this letter–with the explicit statement of Sr. Lúcia addressing the letter to John Paul II.

Once again, I ask a most pressing question: if there is a second text from Sr. Lúcia with words of Our Lady explaining the vision of the third part of the secret, and which Pope John Paul II allegedly read by 1982, why would he be “anxious to know” the meaning of a vision which he already (allegedly) knew?

Also, I am happy to report that PCP has reproduced (in PDF) Dr. Antonio Borelli’s response to Antonio Socci. This response has been generally unavailable to the public since its removal from the Lepanto web site some years ago. I have had to refer people to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for a copy.

* PCP is the publisher of my book Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael.